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What’s at our core?
We share our successes, experiences & methodologies to help you transform, scale and thrive more efficiently.
Change begins at the top and that’s why we always begin transformation journeys with the top layers of the management structure. The decision-makers are always the catalysts to sustainable and meaningful change. The direction, drive and support, in full, for a transformation has to be led by key stakeholders of an organisation. If leadership doesn’t transform, the organisation won’t transform.
We base everything we do, and teach, on real experiences of serving our clients, every day. We’re learning continuously both from our successes and failures. Our clients benefit from our constant analysis of what’s working and what’s not working. We give our clients the absolute up-to-date intel and coaching possible in order to increase their potential for success.
A successful change is reliant on multiple units of an organisation working together seamlessly. True business agility is the result when evolving methodologies, trained talent and dependable technologies working together in harmony, and towards a common objective. Our approach is holistic, flexible, easily implementable, and extremely effective for achieving sustainable agility across the entire organisation.
Rather than relying on any one agile framework, or methodology, WoW! Open Agile Platform uses an open-source approach. Our prime directive is to deliver the needs of our customers, irrespective of whether the solutions required are within our own platform or not. If not, we find it elsewhere, make it work and then add it to our platform. If we can’t find a solution, we innovate, make it work and then add it to our platform. Unlike most frameworks, which restricts your way of working to prescribed rules, we keep our platform open to change, which allows to continually add solutions to our portfolio.
Once engaged, we strive to become redundant as quickly as is possible. An organisation that becomes dependant on external talent is, in our opinion, being led by the wrong transformation team. The purpose of enlisting outside help to lead your agile transformation is so that sustainable methods are implemented, and your internal resources are trained to take over quickly and confidently. Building dependency is therefore counter-productive and is avoided at all costs. We always guide our clients to discover solutions they need in their business and discuss how they should go about implementing them. We achieve this by developing processes that help them highlight solutions so that they can deliver the change needed by themselves.

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How can we help to power your
organisation using our experience?

How can we help to power your organisation using our experience?

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