Agile banking evolution: a UK bank’s agile journey

500% Increase in Productivity and More Satisfied Employees for a UK Bank Standalone Subsidiary of a Swedish Group of Retail and Investment Banks

Meet a UK Bank, a subsidiary of a renowned Swedish Group Retail and Investment Bank located in London and Manchester. Faced with outdated methods and a desire to synchronise with the modern Agile framework of its parent company, this UK Bank embarked on a transformative journey.


This UK Bank aimed to revitalise its Digital Transformation Group by adopting more efficient operational practices, enhancing productivity, and ensuring seamless integration across international programs.


Utilising the WoW! Agile QuickStart concept, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul, beginning with an agile foundational setup and progressing through targeted training for management and teams. This strategic approach was designed to not only realign but also significantly enhance the bank’s development organisation, with a keen focus on fostering continuous improvement and alignment with the group’s overarching Agile model.


This strategic pivot resulted in a remarkable surge in productivity by 500% within six months, alongside notable improvements in employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. Moreover, UK Bank successfully maintained its delivery capacity throughout the pilot phase, culminating in a seamless transition completed in just 3 months.


Our bespoke WoW! Agile QuickStart approach, tailored specifically for this UK Bank, proved instrumental. By fostering an environment conducive to rapid adaptation and growth, this UK Bank was able to not only meet but exceed its goals, marking a significant milestone in its agile evolution.

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