Transform Your Business for Increased Productivity and Profitability

Are you failing to get the expected results from your Agile implementation? Or are you looking for ways to increase efficiency and profitability in your business?

At WoW! Agile, we’re committed to helping you transform your business through agile ways of working. We believe that increased efficiency and profitability can come hand-in-hand with more fun, leading to better results and happier employees and customers.

That’s why we’ve developed our own WoW! Agile Platform, to make it easier for your business to really reap the benefits of Agile.

What You Can Achieve with WoW! Agile

WoW! Agile is a platform that helps companies become more efficient & profitable with agile ways of working. Our prime directive is to deliver the needs of our customers, no matter what solutions they require.

We’ll work with you to discover the solutions you need in your business and discuss how to go about implementing them. Plus, our expert educators will transfer knowledge and help you develop processes for a successful transition to agile.

Companies that trust us

Your first steps toward Agile Success

The Agile Assessment

Have you invested time and money into agile ways of working without seeing tangible results?

Our Agile Assessment Workshop will help you to gain a better understanding of your current agile ways of working and find areas of improvement.

Companies who have participated in the Agile Assessment Workshop have demonstrated significant improvements in their implementation of Agile, leading to an average increase in productivity of 20-40%.

The Agile Strategy & Vision Workshop

Are you looking to improve business performance with Agile ways of working, but don’t know where to start?

Our Agile Strategy and Vision Workshop will help you gain clarity and focus on what needs to be done to improve your business performance.

After the workshop you’ll leave with a complete Agile strategy and a clear understanding of the next steps to achieving it. The workshop will also leave you with a clear, prioritized list of actions with agreed metrics that will help measure your progress.

The Agile Inspiration Workshop

Are you not sure whether Agile is right for your organisation?

The Agile Inspiration Workshop is a 2 hour inspirational walkthrough of the WoW! Concept, designed to equip companies with an understanding of how Agile ways of working can improve productivity and profitability, lead to stronger and more dynamic teams while keeping your customers delighted!

What sets WoW! Agile Apart


With over 25 years of industry experience, including the past 13 years focused on agile ways of working, we have trained professionals in almost every industry sector, from individuals looking to grow their agile skill sets to large-scale implementations for multinational giants.

Expert Educators

Our expert educators will provide you with the absolute up-to-date intel and coaching possible in order to increase your potential for success. Rather than relying on any one agile framework or methodology, WoW! Open Agile Platform uses an open-source approach.


If we can’t find a solution, we innovate, make it work and then add it to our platform. Our open-source platform allows us to continually add solutions to our portfolio and tailor them to your unique needs.

Knowledge Transfer

Once engaged, we strive to become redundant as quickly as possible. An organisation that becomes dependent on external talent is, in our opinion, being led by the wrong transformation team. The purpose of enlisting outside help to lead your agile transformation is so that sustainable frameworks are implemented, and your internal resources are trained to take over quickly and confidently.


Ready to Transform Your Business?

Take the first step towards transforming your business and Arrange an obligation-free conversation with us and get started on the path to success. We’ll help you maximize your potential, increase productivity, and become more profitable.

Whether you’re in need of agile implementation or optimization, our team is ready to help your business start exceeding expectations today!


We’ve worked with leading companies in industries such as banking and financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecom and logistics who have used our WoW! Agile Strategy & Vision Workshop to improve their ways of working and realise their potential. See how they’ve benefited from our workshops and join them on the journey to success.

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