Optimising Your Agile Transformation

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence
– it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” – Peter Drucker

Need Agile

Maybe you were told that it would be easier, smoother or faster to implement agile ways of working than it actually is. Maybe you expected less resistance to the change, or you had ambitions of better ROI, sooner. If your agile implementation not delivering on your expectations, we can help.

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Allow us to explain what it really takes to implement agile into an organisation and how our two-plus decades of experience in this sector differentiates us from others in offering similar services.

6 key indicators of a deficient agile implementation

A transformation that doesn’t deliver the value your organisation needs is a deficient transformation. It’s possible that a significant investment has been made in your agile implementation, but the expected results are not being achieved.
No visible result in the actual business; profitability, margins or turnover is not increasing or, even worse, is declining.
We have developed a unique reputation of identifying deficiencies and leading the change needed to correct the course of under-performing transformations.
Management is doubting the validity of the transformation and therefore retracting their support. This leads to a disconnect from management and results in a loss of commitment and a lack of focus or discipline.
When you work with us you will have our skills, processes and experience working for you in transforming the slow nature of a slow organisation into an entity that can embrace and thrive as a flexible, collaborative, self-organising business in a rapidly changing environment.
Delivery is too slow despite giving the organisation all the necessary resources.
We begin with an evaluation of your current situation, as well as the history leading up to it, which involves investigating a large number of criteria. We use this information to make the necessary changes needed to increase speed of output.
The organisation is still not responding quickly enough to changing priorities, resulting in lost opportunities and a high cost of delay.
Our WoW! Agile Assessment Report of the evaluation highlights where the implementation is failing and the root causes likely to be contributing to the failure. This intel feeds our ability to increase response times of the whole organization.
Productivity hasn’t improved despite adequate allocation of resources.
Our report will also point out areas of improvement and include metrics that can be established to measure future progress more accurately, as well as identify and visualise the bottlenecks in the delivery system.
Poor alignment between business and IT. Both parties feel they are misunderstood by the other and feel unsupported by one another.
Together, with representatives from your company, we will identify the blockages and create a change plan for execution.

“The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.” – John P. Kotter

Over the past 20+ years of leading transformations, 12 years of it working with agile, our practical applications have resulted in significant insights that are unique to our experience. We discovered that whilst agile frameworks were at the core of our every delivery, the application of these frameworks were as individual as each business we served. We found that gaps were appearing in conventional methodologies, which required us to innovate new, out-of-the-box solutions in order to deliver the results our clients wanted. The accumulation of knowledge, experience and innovations formed the basis of a new, proprietary methodology that future-proofs aging agile principles. We called it WoW! Open Agile Platform and we’re very proud of how effective it is. It’s a modernised, agile delivery platform that offers hybrid solutions to help organisations achieve the transformations they desire. At the heart of it is an addictive drive to foster a company-wide obsession on consistently satisfying customer needs.

WoW! Agile. Holistic Transformation Road Map (HTRM)

A key feature of WoW! Agile clients’ success.

When implemented correctly our HTRM has the ability to give you a transformation that delivers the value the market, as well as your stakeholders, demand. In good times it maximizes your output and profits, and in challenging times it gives you the most cost-effective delivery-organization possible.
Initiate dialogue with decision-making C-levels execs or leadership with budget control.
Initiate dialogue with decision-making C-levels execs or leadership with budget control.
Depending on the agreed scope, conduct corporate or departmental assessments 
Depending on the agreed scope, conduct corporate or departmental assessments 
Strategy workshop
Strategy workshop
Leadership indoctrination
Leadership indoctrination
Value stream mapping and organizational design workshops
Value stream mapping and organizational design workshops
Train leaders and delivery bodies and plan the implementation of the assignment
Train leaders and delivery bodies and plan the implementation of the assignment
Execute the implementation 
Execute the implementation 
Delivery Body 
Delivery body
Execution of the first increment and coaching
Training & Workshops for the new body
Planning of the first increment
Handover to maintenance
Delivery Body 
Delivery Body 

The order in which the HTRM is implemented can sometimes be different depending on the circumstances of your organisation. Also, the units used can be varied depending on where you are in your transformation journey.

The ultimate goal of your transformation is to achieve the smooth running of a continual, company-wide agile way of working. In order to know if your transformation is succeeding or not, accurate current realities have to be evaluated at the outset, plus well-defined KPIs have to be established so that progress can be measured in regular increments.


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