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Dissecting a Successful Agile Transformation

A case study of our most successful Agile Transformation ever

Based on a real case study, this webinar will show you how to successfully transform your way of working and achieve better results, faster.

Topics include…

Which steps to follow: If you cannot measure the effects of your investments in development, or you are having difficulties in doing so, then you will see how we successfully did this and what it will take for you to get there too.

How to optimise processes: We will show you how to set up a delivery organisation to achieve full traceability and measurability and also show how you can ensure that the effects of all development efforts are measured.

How to measure the effects: We will show you how we build a delivery organisation that is optimised for speed and flexibility. An organisation of teams that can work both remotely and collocated.

How we successfully helped Liberty Global, one of the largest companies in the world, scale their agile transformation from one delivery organisation to three, across three different countries, and achieved unprecedented results!

Mats Jegebo

Webinar Presenter

Prash Patel

Webinar Presenter