Transform Your Business with WoW Agile

At WoW! Agile, we are passionate about helping businesses to make the shift to Agile ways of working — improving productivity, time to market, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Our WoW! Agile Inspiration Workshop is designed to help you make this shift, with two hours of inspirational walkthroughs and thought-provoking exercises.Take advantage of our WoW Agile Inspiration Workshop and transform your business today!

Who Is This Workshop For?

This WoW Agile Inspiration Workshop is designed for companies who are looking to increase their business performance by transforming their ways of working. We specialise in improving profitability, increasing time to market, boosting productivity and fostering better alignment between business and IT functions.

What Is The WoW Agile Inspiration Workshop?

WoW Agile Inspiration Workshop is a 2 hour inspirational walkthrough of the WoW-concept. It can be given as an on-site workshop, a somewhat customised session directed to a specific audience or as an open webinar. It covers topics such as going agile, organisational design, DevOps, what really makes a good strategy and measuring the effects.

What Will You Get Out
Of The Workshop?

Upon completion of the WoW! – An Agile Inspiration Workshop, you will receive three substantial takeaways. These include:

The implementation roadmap - what it will take to succeed with an agile transformation
How it all comes together - how to eliminate silos and establish the connection between business and IT
Measuring the effects - how to implement metrics that will enable goal-steering and measuring of the effects of every investment in business and IT development.

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To learn more about the WoW Agile Inspiration Workshop, download our free whitepaper. In it, you’ll find a comprehensive explanation of the service and the value it holds.

Hear From Our
Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take our word for it - hear from our satisfied customers.

We’ve worked with leading companies in industries such as banking and financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecom and logistics who have used our WoW! Agile Strategy & Vision Workshop to improve their ways of working and realise their potential. See how they’ve benefited from our workshops and join them on the journey to success.