Talent Info

Malin Klein


Malin is a natural leader with agile as her trademark. She has a lot of experience leading smaller teams and larger groups of people, both professionally and in non-profit settings.

Malin is a truly positive person and a very appreciated leader and coworker, who easily finds new ways and solutions to various challenging situations. It is frequently said that she spreads energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.

Fearless, yet humble, she always takes on challenges with a smile. When faced with a problem, she will not rest until it is solved, and the customer is content.

Malin easily makes new connections with people, and networking is part of her DNA. She works hard ensuring that her relations and collaborations are sustainable, and the agile way of working is 100% natural to her.

She is a true Scrum Master who continuously strives to help her teams develop and thrive.