Talent Info

Mats Jegebo


Mats loves to help enterprises to become more effective, efficient, and profitable. With over 30 active years in the consultancy business, he has helped a large number of organisations with his unique blend of skill, experience and passion.

He’s a very happy and positive individual with excellent leadership skills. Mats has the ability to spread enthusiasm, which is just one of the things that has made him the appreciated consultant he is today.

His professional driving force is to make the world a little better and build a profitable business while doing it.

Over the years Mats has worked in numerous industry sectors, including:

  • Enterprise transformation coaching
  • Methodology support and Training
  • Portfolio management
  • Business project management
  • IT project management
  • Test management
  • Process and scenario design and analysis
  • Business and risk analysis
  • Quality assurance and Test management
  • Systems architecture and development
  • Information architecture
  • Requirements handling and management
  • Portal frameworks, design and development