Talent Info

Susanne Gyllhamn


Susanne is a very experienced visionary leader, focused on preparing organisations and individuals for the new normal of adapting to dynamic business changes and rapidly growing consumer needs. 

She has vast experience in transforming strategies into executable plans, presenting and driving business development with management buy-in, while ensuring its successful implementation throughout the organisation. 

Susanne’s greatest values are involvement, transparency, cooperation and a win-win mindset. Her deep interests lie in organisational development, transformation from traditional management to self-managing agile teams and empowerment of individuals.  

Susanne’s strengths include: 

  • Ability to analyse and understand business needs 
  • Talent to abstract and see the bigger picture 
  • Willingness to take on new challenges
  • Systematic view & strategic planning
  • Capability to make tactical decisions
  • Strong negotiation skills 
  • Sociable, positive, and energetic personality

Throughout her career of 25+ years, Susanne has held different roles and expanded her knowledge and experience working as CIO, Mentor, Strategic IT Manager, Facilitator, Interim Manager and Business Developer. 

Her main industry experience includes IT sector, pharmaceutical industry, public sector, and Start-Ups.