WoW! Open Agile Platform

3-Day Remote Course with Certified OAP Coach (COAP)

WoW! (Ways of Working) Open Agile Platform is a 3 day course designed for anyone looking to adopt a solid foundation in building a truly efficient way of working.

Unlike most courses of a similar nature, that largely focus on a single method and teams working with software development without any connection to real profits, WoW gives you a complete understanding of how you achieve the “holistic picture” including “the what” and “the why”.

The topics we cover in this course equips you with a comprehensive set of tools:

Improve your way of working with Agile
Increase your speed of delivery whilst maintaining quality
Dramatically reduce your time to market
How to manage priorities accurately
Set-up and optimise your delivery organisation
Achieve highly motivated and engaged co-workers

WoW! Open Agile Platform

3-Day Remote Course with Certified OAP Coach (COAP)

  • Apply true agile values and tools to set-up a delivery organisation optimised for super-fast delivery of true customer value
  • Utilise and facilitate different tools for creating a product vision with clear goals and a strategy to fulfil them
  • Facilitate and drive the creation processes of different backlogs (portfolio, delivery organisation and team)
  • Develop and enhance the delivery capacity of an organisation
  • Help teams and organisations to climb the agile maturity staircase
  • Develop people and organisations by becoming a servant leader
  • Understand many of the factors that make a hyper-productive, value-generating team and organisation
  • Explain and demonstrate the concept of a “holistic view” on delivery
  • Understand, measure and manage the factors that impact Time to Market (TTM)
  • Understand DevOps enough to optimise a delivery pipeline
  • Course workbook, containing full-colour slides with notes and explanations to images and exercises
  • Preparation and eligibility to take the exam for the “Agile Practices Foundation Certificate”
  • Course certificate of completion
  • One-year membership to the WoW! Agile Platform with access to downloadable white papers, articles, course updates and more
  • This course is open for all individuals. There is no requirement for prior experience. However, prior leadership and/or agile experience is useful to develop a deeper understanding, as well as allowing for fuller utilisation of the content of this course.

Completion of this course gives you access to the exam Agile Practices Foundation Certificate and all related study materials. You can choose one of two exams:

  • Agile Practices Foundation Certificate
  • Agile Practices Foundation Certificate – Team Lead

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