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Achieve More with Agile

Beyond Frameworks towards Tangible Outcomes

Increase Predictability

Transform organisational chaos into structured predictability, ensuring consistent workflows and dependable outcomes.

Boost Productivity

Elevate your organisational productivity, streamline operations, and minimise waste for optimal results.

Cultivate Motivated Teams

Foster a workplace where motivated and engaged co-workers thrive, fueling passion and innovative thinking.

Accelerate Delivery

Enhance your delivery speed and reduce your time to market, staying ahead of the competition.

Adapt and Thrive Amidst Change

Navigate shifting priorities with ease, viewing change as an opportunity for growth rather than a hurdle.

Prioritise Profitable Outcomes

Shift your focus from deliverables to delivering true customer value, ensuring every initiative aligns with profitable outcomes.

Target Steering Model 

Understanding WoW! Agile's Target Steering Model

The WoW! Agile Target Steering Model is a game-changer for businesses. Focusing on aligning every aspect of development with the company’s main goals.
It’s not just about IT; this holistic strategy transforms how the entire company earns and grows. Aligning efforts from the top management to the development teams. This alignment eliminates confusion and ensures everyone is working towards common objectives.
The model is all about connecting each team member to the company’s vision, making the big goals personal and meaningful. It cuts out unnecessary work, focusing instead on actions that really move the company forward. With clear indicators to track progress and a flexible, six-part structure, the model is adaptable to fit any organisation’s unique needs.

By setting clear objectives at every level, it ensures that every project chosen contributes to the overall success. It’s more than just guidelines; it’s a complete transformation journey. Uniting everyone in the organisation, making work more efficient and effective, aligned with long-term goals.

Charting the Course for Agile Greatness

25 Years of Making Agile Work

With a rich 25-year history in the industry, including 13 years mastering agile methodologies, WoW! Agile has empowered countless professionals and organisations to get really good at using agile.

Learning from Leaders

Our educators are not just trainers; they are pioneers. Teaching you the latest insights and techniques in agile. At WoW! Agile, we embrace an open-source approach, taking you beyond traditional frameworks to provide you with tailored coaching.

Innovative Solutions

Our ethos is simple: if a solution doesn't exist, we innovate and integrate it into our ever-evolving WoW! Open Agile Platform. This approach ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also uniquely suited to your specific needs.

Teaching You to Lead

Our goal is swift and effective knowledge transfer. We think real change is when your team can do things by themselves without needing help from outside. Our approach is designed to instill agile practices deeply and quickly, so your team becomes self-sufficient.

Succes Stories

Real Transformations, Tangible Results

Revolutionising telecom with agile: Liberty Global’s leap

3 Months from Inception to Completion with 95% Increase in Productivity for an International Telco and Cable Company

Agile banking evolution: a UK bank’s agile journey

500% Increase in Productivity and More Satisfied Employees for a UK Bank Standalone Subsidiary of a Swedish Group of Retail and Investment Banks


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